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We are a group of p2p members who have lost heavily to wonder sites in the past even in recent times. The few of us decided to come together, utilise our remaining resource and come up with a platform that will truly deliver and put smile on participants face and define the true meaning of peer to peer funding. P2P is supposed to alleviate poverty and help in meeting day to day needs but unfortunately, in our country it has been bastardized. P2P helps a lot only if one is in the right platform.

Our Aim

- To come up with a platform, that will have very unique features as such that will make the platform stand the test of time.

- To proof to those who have lost faith in p2p that it is one of the best source of passive income.

- To create a system of funds dispersal with complete equity.

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No, we strongly kick against members pledging amount based on the money they are expecting. This is because if a participant that is assigned to pay you defaults your payment, you automatically defaults the payment of the participant you’re assigned to pay. This will ultimately lead to the blocking of your account since we do not tolerate default irrespective of how genuine your reason(s) might be.

Yes, you can choose to increase the amount you’re inventing on Capital Plus Donations any time but you will not be able to reduce your amount after increasing it.

You’re eligible to receive payment from your investment once you have fulfilled the necessary conditions for it, then you can withdraw by clicking on the withdraw button on your dashboard when the investment is due for withdrawal. You will be merged to a user(s) that will pay you and the money will be sent to the bank account or bitcoin address you registered with.

We strongly object to members borrowing money to participate on Capital Plus Donations. Members are rather encouraged to participate only with their SPARE MONEY. This is because all investments on the system are considered as pure DONATIONS to each other.

Only users that have activated their account are eligible to participate in Capital Plus Donations. However you must be 18 years or above to participate.

You are not mandated to refer someone to earn but you can choose to refer a friend and earn 10% of your referred users first investments. There are no limits to this.

Your first investment is the system attains maturity and is eligible for withdrawal after 10 days irrespective of your preferred currency.

We currently accept payments with Nigeria Naira and Bitcoin.

The minimum you can invest in Naira is #5,000.00

A guider is a regular user of Capital Plus Donations, He/She will be earning extra percentage from every users under them.

A regular participant is a registered member of Capital Plus Donations?

Capital Plus Donations Our aim is to actualize the dreams of Sergei Mavrodi which was ultimately financial freedom and our community is built on some of its blueprints. We have taken time to discuss and analyze the shortcomings of all peer to peer platforms and we have put in measures to curb most of its flaws. Everyone is invited to join us in growing this new community. As you join us, feel free to ask all questions about the community.A regular participant is a registered member of Capital Plus Donations?

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